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Companion - Wynne

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Wynne (pronounced "win") is a spirit healer from the Circle of Magi, focusing her magic on the ability to briefly summon protective and restorative spirits from the Fade. She is a possible companion to the Warden.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Title: Senior Enchanter
Specialization: Spirit Healer
Quests: Wynne's Regret


Wynne has served the Circle for most of her life, and is well respected for her strong sense of duty and morals. She believes wholeheartedly in what the Circle stands for, and has been a vocal advocate in the Fraternities of Enchanters, that through discipline, and education, mages can learn to control their gifts and use them to serve humankind.

The fear of magic is born of misunderstanding, but Wynne cautions mages never to forget that the fear is also a real one. For all the good a mage's gift can bring, it will also always attract demons and therefore the risk of possession. Too many times in history have possessed abominations wreaked destruction on the lands, and thus every mage has a debt to repay. "Earn your place," she has said, "and you shall not be reviled."

Her peers thought so highly of her that she was asked to become the new First Enchanter of Ferelden's Tower. She refused, saying that she had no desire to work in the upper ranks of the Circle. When word recently reached the Tower of King Cailan's call to arms against The Blight, Wynne readily volunteered to go to Ostagar.

Wynne seems to have been born into the Spirit Healer role as a natural. In her childhood, she can recall entering the Fade in her dreams and feeling a particular spirit watching over her. Later in the game, if you get to know her, she speculates that this is a Spirit of Faith- much like the benevolent spirits of courage and compassion, but never before encountered by any mage except herself.


  1. Talk to Wynne about her past and have
    her become towards you.
  2. During a World Map Encounter named Hillside Path, Wynne will
    collapse at the end of battle. Head to camp and talk to her.
  3. During another World Map Encounter named Low Road, a Hurlock Omega will cast a fireball seriously
    hurting the Warden. Wynne will
    unlock a new ability called Vessel of the Spirit, a powerful party
    boost spell that puts great strain upon herself. (This event may occur after
    this point including after completing Wynne's quest.)
  4. Talk to Wynne (this may require multiple conversations) until you
    have the option of asking her about any past regrets. She will tell the story of
    her old apprentice Aneirin. At this
    point the quest should be added to your journal, and Wynne approves (+3) .
  5. Go to the Dalish Camp in
    the Brecilian Outskirts and find an elf named
    Sarel sitting on a bench. He will tell you
    of Aneirin (Note: The conversation option about Aneirin will only appear if
    Wynne is in your party).
  6. Have Wynne in your party, then travel to East Brecilian Forest and go just north
    above Mad Hermit's clearing.
  7. Aneirin will hand over an amulet
    called Aneirin's
    Token that augments Wynne's Vessel of the Spirit spell and protects
    her. Wynne approves (+4) .

Note: Should you have already sided with the werewolves in Nature of the
Beast, you will be unable to find Sarel. However, Aneirin will still be
found at East Brecilian Forest.

Note: Should your approval rating be too high with Wynne, she may
choose not to bring up the subject chain which triggers this quest. This can be
amended using the developer's console,
to alter her approval rating to a less amenable level, or by using gifts from
the [i]Feastday Gifts and Pranks[i] add-on.

[i]Note: The Hillside Path encounter seems to only trigger after
speaking to her in camp until she asks you about your experiences with
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