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Companion - Morrigan

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Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, a clan of sorceresses who, at one time, terrorized the Korcari Wilds. She is called upon to leave her home to become a companion to the Warden. Morrigan is also a romance option for male Wardens and when her approval is low, she can also teach the shapeshifter specialization.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Title: Witch of the Wilds
Specialization: Shapeshifter
Location: Deep in the Wilds
* Flemeth's Real Grimoire
* Morrigan's Ritual


Morrigan is supposedly the daughter of Flemeth -- a legendary and fearsome personage who has walked the Korcari Wilds for centuries. However, Morrigan consistently dismisses these tales and is reluctant (or unable) to confirm Flemeth's actual background. Whatever Flemeth's history, Morrigan was raised by her. She kept Morrigan separate from the nearby villagers and because of this, Morrigan has had limited interaction with other humans, though her ability to shapeshift meant that she has often found solace in the company of animals. Morrigan generally dislikes the race of man, yet finds herself strangely intrigued by them.

Morrigan may be the hardest character to please overall when compared to the other romance options for a male Warden. However she is the easiest to bed, requiring an approval of just 30. She will like most of the random gifts found early in the game, but will disapprove of almost everything good the Warden does. To romance Morrigan successfully, the player either has to be somewhat evil or engage in good deeds whilst not in Morrigan's company, since choosing a negative outcome will more often than not decrease the approval of Leliana, Alistair, and Wynne.

When engaging her in conversation, it is important to remember that Morrigan values power above everything else. To get positive approval from her, one must agree to her "survival of the fittest" philosophy. She greatly despises anything that has to do with compassion and love.

If the Warden is pursuing a romance with both her and one other romance companion (Zevran or Leliana), she will confront the Warden and force him to choose. This will break the romance with the rejected companion and also lower the approval quite a bit, though Leliana and/or Zevran can force the Warden into an ultimatum the same way Morrigan does.

Morrigan will eventually give the Warden a unique ring in the course of romancing her. The ring is supposed to be a link between the two. After the completion of the Flemeth's Real Grimoire quest she will start to fear her affection towards him, prompting a conversation about love if her approval is high enough. There is a possibility that her approval may drop significantly during this conversation, or worse still break the relationship, unless the right dialogue path is chosen.

At the end of the game, the epilogue will state that "there came a night when he was sure that she was thinking of him... somewhere. She felt regret, and sorrow. But the ring told no more." There is no happily ever after with Morrigan. She will leave the group immediately after the final battle, regardless of her approval rating. However the Romance can continue and end on a happier note depending on your choices in Origins, and conversation during the Witch Hunt DLC, the end result being the Warden and Morrigan kissing and going through the Eluvian together.

Note: Engaging a romance with Morrigan will prompt a "mother's talk" with Wynne in which she will advise leaving her. Refusing to do so will eventually grant an apology and additional approval from Wynne
■ If the Warden beds Morrigan at camp and refuses her offer at Castle Redcliffe, the epilogue will state that she is expecting a child even though the ritual was never performed. This isn't a bug of any sort but actually a variation of Morrigan's epilogue. It is hinted that she unexpectedly conceived a child before the eve of the Final Battle.
■ If the Warden breaks up with Morrigan when she asks it, she will call the Warden, my love (even if the approval is friendly) at the Denerim gate and the regret and sorrow epilogue can happen (even if the Warden is in an other romance). Strangely, even if the ring is destroyed, you can still get the ring epilogue.


* Flemeth's Grimoire

A plot gift that gives + 10 approval, specific to Morrigan. This item is the result of Flemeth's
Real Grimoire quest.

Flemeth's Real Grimoire

Location: Deep in the Wilds
Quest Giver: Morrigan

Flemeth's Real Grimoire is Morrigan's personal quest


The quest begins when Morrigan's approval is high enough and she asks you to look for the Black Grimoire that was taken from Flemeth long ago. She believes it may still be in the Circle Tower. If you find and bring her the Grimoire before she has asked for it the quest will also trigger. You can find it in the Senior Mage Quarters in a chest in First Enchanter Irving's office (last door on the right before the stairs to the third floor). When you give her the tome, she will thank you profusely.

Morrigan will spend time reading the Black Grimoire (e.g.: leave Camp and come back to trigger the next stage) only to discover it is not a book of magic, as she hoped. When you return to the Party Camp she will initiate a conversation explaining what she found out. The Grimoire describes how Flemeth has managed to live so long: as she gets old, she raises a daughter only to take over her body when her current body would die. Naturally, Morrigan is not keen on being the next sacrifice. She asks for the Warden's help in the matter.

If the Warden decides not to help, Morrigan will leave the party (although she will reappear towards the end of the main quest line, on the eve of the Final Battle of Denerim).

On the other hand, if the Warden chooses to help Morrigan, she will explain that he or she should:

■ Travel to Flemeth's Hut without Morrigan (so that she will not have a handy recipient for her spirit during the fight);
■ Face and kill the old witch;
■ Find and return to Morrigan Flemeth's Real Grimoire , so that she can prepare to defend against Flemeth's powers in the future, should she somehow manage to survive after her defeat.
Traveling with Morrigan in the group will ensure that Flemeth will not appear in her hut and you won't be able to find her Grimoire, so you must leave her behind for this confrontation.

Flemeth will be waiting for the party when you arrive at her home. She apparently realizes that Morrigan has discovered her secrets and is prepared to negotiate an alternative arrangement. You have two choices: allow her to escape or kill her; the tangible rewards are the same in either case (the grimoire and an upgrade for Morrigan's robes), although the party might react somewhat differently.

Allow Flemeth to Flee

To avoid fighting, choose the following conversation options:

■ "I should dance to your tune, instead?"
■ "She knows how you extend your unnatural lifespan."
■ "I need Morrigan, I have no choice in this."
■ "I could do that."

When you meet up with Morrigan again (in Camp or elsewhere), you can tell her that you killed her Mother or lie to her.
Alistair and Zevran approve of tricking Morrigan ( +2 Approval), but Wynne and Leliana will not ( -5 Approval).

Kill Flemeth

If you decide to fight, be prepared for a tough fight with a High Dragon. She is somewhat easier to tackle as she tends to stick to one spot. The main strategies include: using a fire-resistant tank to draw her aggro; setting casters or archers at long-range; and/or snaring Flemeth (e.g. with Cone of Cold). Not being a real High Dragon, Flemeth naturally does not drop a Dragon Scale

Morrigan's Ritual

Location: Redcliffe Castle - Upper Floor after The Landsmeet
Quest Giver: Morrigan
Previous: The Final Battle

Morrigan's Ritual is a short quest that has a major impact on the outcome of The Final Battle against the Archdemon.

Riordan has told the Warden that when an archdemon is slain, its essence will pass on to possess the nearest darkspawn, making the archdemon essentially immortal. To put an end to the Blight, a Grey Warden must strike the fatal blow, causing the essence to be drawn into himself and killing both. Having learned this disturbing new information, the Warden retires to his or her room to rest before the coming battle.


■Leave Riordan's room and cross the corridor to your room. Morrigan will be waiting for you (she will appear at this point even if she has previously left the party).
■She claims to know a blood ritual that will allow the Warden to avoid their fate. This dark ritual will ensure that the essence of the archdemon is lured into an unborn child rather than the Grey Warden slaying the archdemon. Morrigan believes that the child will survive and possess the soul of an Old God, freed of its darkspawn corruption. This ritual, Morrigan claims, is the reason Flemeth rescued the Wardens and the reason Morrigan had to accompany them. As Flemeth suggested this, in Morrigan's companion quest, it could be assumed Flemeth in fact wanted to possess the child and thus become a god.
■ If you are male, then you can perform the ritual with Morrigan; it is not necessary to have been in a romantic relationship with her.
■ If you are female, or are male and turn Morrigan down, she will suggest that she perform the ritual with Alistair or Secret Companion. If you agree to raise the topic with one of the other Wardens, then go to the Guest Room and discuss it with them. Once your discussion is concluded, you will return to Morrigan to report the outcome. You have one final chance to turn her down at this stage.
■ If the ritual is refused, Morrigan will leave the party immediately. If the ritual proceeds, she will stay for the final battle.
■ If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair, Leliana or Zevran, then Morrigan will mention them and suggest that their feelings are a reason to undergo the ritual and stay alive. If the Warden is in a romance with Morrigan, she will say that her feelings make her all the more determined to get you to do the ritual.


■ The Battle of Denerim will start.
■ The choice made during this quest will affect the outcome and Epilogue. If Morrigan's offer is accepted, then, regardless of whom the ritual was performed with, the Warden will automatically strike the killing blow against the Archdemon and will survive. Otherwise they will die unless choosing another Grey Warden to perform the final blow, case in which that Warden (Secret Companion or Alistair) will die.
■ It will also affect what Ending Achievements can be earned in the playthrough. It is necessary to accept Morrigan's offer to earn "A Dark Promise" and to turn her down to receive the other three achievements (and hence also the "Perfectionist" Completionist Achievement for exploring all four endings).
Note: Console versions of the game only have two ending achievements rather than four: one for accepting Morrigan's ritual and one for rejecting it. However, it is still necessary to explore all four endings to obtain the console Perfectionist achievement.
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