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Companion - Sten

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Sten is a warrior of the Beresaad, the vanguard of the qunari race. He is a stoic and disciplined man with a strong code of honor, and the way he treats others depends on whether or not they have his respect, which he does not give easily. He is a potential companion to the Warden and can only be recruited in Lothering.

Race: Qunari
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: Vanguard
Quests: The Sword of the Beresaad


The Sword of the Beresaad

The Sword of the Beresaad is a companion side quest given by Sten of the Beresaad, the qunari party member.

After Sten's approval is at least 25, he will discuss why he was in the cage in Lothering. The qunari will explain his mission to Ferelden, offer his views on his culture and people, and how he came to be locked up. It turns out his company was wiped out by darkspawn near Lake Calenhad; Sten was left for dead. When he was revived by a farming family, he found himself without his sword, a vital part of his qunari identity; he will never be able to return home without it. In his panic over the loss, he went into a mindless rage killing his rescuers. Instead of evading capture, Sten turned himself in; surviving as a swordless qunari warrior would be worse than any consequence he might face as a mass murderer.


1.Offer to help Sten find his sword.
2.Head to Lake Calenhad Docks, the last place Sten remembers having the sword.

1.Confront the scavenger, near the exit to the world map of the dock area, who lets you know that he bought acquisition rights to this spot from another looter, a red-haired human, named Faryn who sells in the open market near Orzammar.
Note: that you must sometimes enter the Spoiled Princess in order to find the Scavenger
1.Travel to Frostback Mountain Pass to find Faryn and learn that he sold the sword to a dwarven mercenary named Dwyn

    • If Sten is in the party, there are some
      interesting conversational options for example; "I'd give it to him if I were
      you, Faryn" followed by "Where is it now?" and "If you're lying, you do know
      we'll be back"
      nets 2 Approval.
    • If he is not in the party, you have the opportunity to blackmail the looter
      for 3 .

Map to Redcliff Village and enter Dwyn's House, near the General Store.
You have four choices:

  • Intimidate the dwarf
    into giving up (easy with 3 points in Coercion ).
  • Pay 6sovereigns for the sword (2 with a successful persuade/intimidate).
  • Kill Dwyn and loot his corpse.
  • With Sten in the party and the right dialogue choice, the mercenary will
    turn over the sword without fuss.
One way or another, you will get a strongbox key that opens the chest in the
back of the house. Open it to find Sten's Sword.
Gift the sword to Sten. (The quest item will be removed from your inventory
and be replaced by Asala .)

  • To gain the maximum approval, choose terse dialogue options acknowledging
    his thanks and the importance of him helping to combat the Blight.
  • Alternatively, you can suggest that he can return home and he will leave the
    party permanently.


  • If you killed Dwyn before you receive Sten's quest, the chest will spawn
    appropriately in his house after you have spoken to Faryn.
  • If you get the quest before The Attack at Nightfall begins, the
    dwarf will hand over the sword directly (without need to visit the strongbox).
  • It is possible that Dwyn have died while helping the Warden in the quest The Attack at Nightfall. In that case, a chest containing Sten's sword will still spawn
    and can be opened without a key.
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